Series Hi-Taste

Wine GlassesTop quality, elegant and stylish glasses. These factors combined with shock resistance and strength makes them the perfect choice for any on-trade establishment looking for great value crystal glassware.

Designed and manufactured by Italy’s top glassmakers, Series Hi-Taste represents a breakthrough in modern automated blown glass technology, offering double the normal resistance to shocks.

This has been achieved with the addition of Nesium® a new wonder proprietary alloy, that gives these glasses core strength, elasticity and durability without compromising clarity. Withstanding intense usage and repeated dishwasher cycles, Hi-Taste glasses maintain their sparkling appearance consistently outperforming their contemporaries.

The glasses come in 4 shapes and sizes to cater for every style of wine from Estate bottled whites to Premier Cru reds and from Proseccos to Vintage Champagnes, not forgetting dessert and liqueur wines.

Magnum 63cl GlassGenerous bowl encourages maximum oxygenation and crystal clear glass aids visual examination. Long, slender, full length stem for gripping means you don’t affect the wines temperature with the heat of your hand. Perfect for full-bodied red wines Wine Glass
Medium 45cl Wine Glass Medium 45cl GlassThis has the appearance of delicate, fine stemware but is far more robust than normal wine glasses. A versatile glass, suitable for both red and white wine. It’s not too large but large enough for breathing red wines. With its streamline neck, the wine’s fragrances are concentrated for maximum ‘bouquet’.
Standard 33clAt a tidy 33cl capacity, the Hi Taste Basic Wine Glass is the all-round wine serving solution. Perfect for dessert and liqueur wines such as Port or Sherry. Standard 33cl Wine Glass
Flute 28clHigh quality crystalline Champagne Flute manufactured as one whole piece with a very strong integral structure. This manufacturing style ensures that the glass is break-resistant and suitable for high-stress use.

What is Nesium®?

Nesium® is a proprietary alloy that combines exceptional strength, durability and flexibility with optimal clarity, lightness and sound (sonority). The glass has a wonderful ring to it!

NESIUM® more than doubles the glass resistance to shocks and hence its durability. Nesium® can withstand intense use and repeated dishwasher cycles.