Wine flight holders

Wine Holder

The latest wine tasting ‘experience’ for your customers

A ‘Wine Flight’ is a term used to describe a selection of wine tasting samples. Customers can taste and compare several wines at the same time.

When tasting several wines together, it’s preferable to keep them together and in the same order. Specially designed holders make this possible.

We have chosen tall stainless steel holders which hold 3 wines.
Not only, do they keep the wines together but they look very impressive.

Tags with wine descriptions can be placed on each stem assisting customers in their enjoyment of this tasting experience.

You will find other customers looking over with envy and quite often they are prompted to follow suit – try it and see for yourself!

It has been proven that when customers are given the chance to taste a wine they are far more likely to buy more expensive wine. So apart from the selling the wine flights anyway, returning customers will be more inclined to trade-up and enjoy higher priced premium quality wine.
Selected wines can be centred on a theme, linked to a menu, or used as a seasonal offering.

They are equally effective in restaurants, pubs, clubs and wine bars. As well as appealing to wine buffs they also save potential embarrassment for the less knowledgeable.

The flights are designed to dismantle into 3 sections for easy storage and can be re- assembled in seconds.

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