Wine Preservation

Can you afford not to preserve your wines?

A surprising amount of premium wine sold by-the-glass (especially red wine), is out of condition. Most customers do not realise the wine is oxidised. At best your customers will think that you’ve selected poor quality wine and won’t re-order the same wine but at worst, your customer won’t return to your establishment and will choose to drink elsewhere!

If you offer premium wine-by-the-glass, served in perfect condition, you will attract more wine drinkers. Not only, will you increase sales of wine but you will increase sales of food and other beverages too.

Now is the time to perfect your wine offering, to stand out from the competition and to reap the rewards.

With a range of products available on the market at varying prices, we have chosen a solution to suit every budget.
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Our recommended dispensing and preservation system - essential if you take your service of premium wine-by-the-glass seriously. [more]


Our preferred sparkling and Champagne preservation system – it offers the best value and is the most effective system on the market. [more]


inexpensive preservation for still and sparkling wine – it is portable and ideal for use on your faster selling wines. [more]