Our recommended dispensing and preservation system - essential if you take your service of premium wine-by-the-glass seriously.

Enomatic Smart

Enomatic is a state-of-the art, wine dispensing and preservation system ensuring you deliver the most professional wine service.
Its simple functionality, combined with modern aesthetics, make it the perfect system for back-bar use.

  • Compact open-bottle wine display and storage – 4 units
  • Stylish and simple design
  • Temperature control (5ºC-18ºC)
  • Advanced technology
  • Inert gas preservation
  • Speedy wine dispense
  • Measured and free flow pour options
  • Quick release door
  • Simple to programme
  • Easy access
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean

Enoline SMART specifications:
750mm long, 630mm high, 240mm deep, 40kg, 110~220 volts.

Maximising your return on investment:
Purchasing a wine preservation cabinet in itself will not guarantee that your wine sales will increase, but get it right and sales can be phenomenal.

So many businessses choose the wrong wines to offer using the cabinets and they fail to implement any sales or marketing activity.

At Vintellect, we offer a unique service. We guarantee you will increase sales by offering you advice on your wine selection, marketing and PR; even more importantly, we will get your staff on-board with our tailor-made training in wine sales and product knowledge. Click here for more information.

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