Our preferred sparkling and Champagne preservation system – it offers the best value and is the most effective system on the market.


Now used at over 1000 top restaurants worldwide, recognised by top Champagne houses, Moet Hennessey & Dom Perignon and affordable for any venue.


Perlage Consumer Package

Premium Preservation with carbon dioxide

Perlage preserves Champagne and sparkling wine by returning the head space pressure of the bottle back to its original level.

An opened bottle of sparkling wine is placed in the enclosure and sealed with a special screw cap. Co2 is injected into the head space using the ‘gun’ provided. This pressurises the bottle stopping the Champagne from going ‘flat’ and slows the oxidisation process, keeping the wine fresh.  Since Co2 cannot escape from the enclosure any Champagne or sparkling wine served using the Perlage system will remain in perfect condition for at least 14 days.

Co2 Systems

Standard systems utilise the handheld pressurizer ‘gun’ with easy to use and obtain C02 cartridges. A fully portable system useful for 1 or 2 enclosures. Commercial systems utilise the regulator and hose attached to a large C02 tank. These are suitable for quick pressurising of multiple enclosures ( 3 or more) and very cost effective with the low cost of large tanks.
Carbon Dioxide


Specifically designed enclosure performs a dual role. It allows the cap to be securely fitted to the bottle enabling the headspace to be pressurized to the correct high pressure and gives protection to the bottle when its under pressure. This fits any bottle size and shape and any neck size and shape. No other system on the market can provide all these features.


“The commercial system has proved to be perfect even in our busy bar environment, it’s very quick & easy to use meaning the team are happy to use it even at the busiest times. Being so cost effective too I’m unaware of any other solution that can compete with it.”The One Bull, Bury St Edmunds

“We’ve been very impressed with the Perlage system, not only has it allowed us to sell a prestige champagne without having to worry about wastage issues, but also the response from guests who’ve seen it in action has been extremely positive” - Le Bouchon Breton, London

“… the Perlage system paid for itself on the 1st day of use!” - Canlis Restaurant, Seattle – Sold 40 bottles of Krug in a 3 week promotion. 10 times the normal sales by the glass

“From enabling us to offer premium products, to reducing waste, to increasing the quality and consistency of what we were already pouring – I just cannot say enough about how great this system has been for us. … After tracking for two months, I’d estimate an approximate savings of $1680/month. I’m pouring Krug only because of it.”Spago Restaurant, Beverly Hills

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