Bespoke Wine Courses

FACT: Training staff will result in increased sales. FACT: Gaining knowledge will give staff greater confidence and motivation which in turn will lead to lower staff turnover and a reduction in costs. Our bespoke courses are tailored to your establishment and wine list

Bespoke Wine Courses

It has been proven that training staff to recommend appropriate wine will result in a substantial increase in sales. Gaining knowledge and confidence will give staff greater motivation which in turn will lead to lower staff turnover and a reduction in associated costs.

How can any business justify the cost of this training now? The answer is, you cannot afford not to.

While wine suppliers will often carry out wine training, it is not their core business and as such it may take place on an ad-hoc basis with only short-term benefits. At Vintellect, we ensure that staff training is both fun and effective.

Our wine training is usually carried out at your establishment or head office and we can travel anywhere as we have qualified trainers throughout the UK.

In order to ensure the wine training is productive staff numbers are limited to 18 members per course.


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Why Vintellect?

We are specialists in training staff to increase wine sales and we have a proven track record.
All our tutors have been selected for their skills in engaging their audience and ensuring training is productive.
All our tutors have on-trade experience themselves and can therefore empathise with the staff.
At Vintellect we are independent and not tied to any producers and therefore are not under any pressure to sell particular brands.
We spend time preparing, delivering, following-up, testing and measuring the effectiveness of every training programme.
We can work with your wine suppliers to ensure training is productive, successful and profitable.


‘Wine Sales and Service’ and ‘Train the trainer’ Courses

These are tailor-made one or two day courses aimed at all staff responsible for training. This may include; managers, assistant managers or key bar/waiting staff.

The ‘Wine Sales and Service’ course covers such topics as:
• Market trends
• Oxidation and the importance of wine preservation
• Back bar design and merchandising
• Correct service behind the bar
• Correct service at the table
• The factors affecting the taste of wine including; grapes, climate and winemaking
• How to taste wine and identify faults
• Food and wine matching
• Opportunities for up-selling

At the end of the day there is an examination and all successful candidates receive a certificate.

The ‘Train the trainer’ course covers the above topics plus:
• The importance of training
• Understanding your audience
• Making training effective
• Structuring a training session
• Each student delivers a training session and the group assess it

These one and two day courses are our most popular options, not only because they are educational but also tremendous fun. We use syndicate exercises and role play to enable staff to gain more knowledge and have greater confidence when dealing with customers.

So, how can you ensure that wine training increases sales and profit??
Because we test and measure the effectiveness of every programme by: evaluating student feedback, using mystery customers, monitoring student action plans and analysing sales. We also recommend offering staff incentives and running customer promotions to help build long term staff and customer loyalty.

7 Reasons to run in-house courses rather than send your staff to a college

1. You can train small groups of no more than 20 students rather than lecture to large numbers. Smaller groups encourage better interaction between the candidates and tutor and result in productive learning.
2. Our tutors all have on-trade experience and every section is discussed with reference to selling wine in the candidates own particular establishments. College tutors tend to have limited on-trade experience.
3. Candidates will taste wines that they sell rather than wines provided by a college. They may also have the opportunity to match their own wines with dishes selected from their own menus.
4. Candidates have the opportunity to meet and socialise with other members of staff engendering a feeling of team spirit.
5. In-house training will help to promote a feeling of respect and appreciation. This increases staff motivation and loyalty resulting in greater staff retention.
6. Courses can be held anywhere and scheduled at a time to suit your requirements. College courses are limited to the venues and dates advertised and may be cancelled at the last minute if they cannot get enough candidates.
7. Vintellect courses are significantly more cost effective so you can train more staff and witness a greater increase in sales