On Trade Consulting

Opening a new bar, restaurant or hotel and need help managing your project or selecting suppliers? Perhaps just refurbishing and need some ideas? Or simply looking for new ways to improve your sales and profit?


  • We provide advice on operational designs that will facilitate service and prevent costly mistakes.
  • We source the most suitable suppliers for you and negotiate the best terms. We have deals with many companies, including architects, interior designers, refrigeration manufacturers, crockery and glassware suppliers and wines and spirits suppliers.
  • We can compile a wine list that will excite your customers, minimise your costs and maximise your sales and profit.
  • We advise on wine preservation and can supply all the main commercial grade systems.
  • We can even train your staff to a high standard in wine sales and service for as little as £5 per member of staff, using our BIIAB accredited e-learning course.


Compiling your Wine List

Like to be sure of having an exciting wine list? Looking to change your existing wine supplier? Or simply looking to increase your sales and profit from wine?
With dozens of wine suppliers knocking on your door, all promising they have the best wines and provide the best service, which one do you choose?
Which one has …… the best Italian wines? Organic wines? Lowest priced wines? Good well priced Champagne? The best credit terms? Regular and frequent delivery days? A delivery service with less than 24 hours notice? Deals on fridges and wine preservation systems? Good staff training?
If you want to know the answer to any of the above questions, or you simply can’t find the time to investigate properly, see all the suppliers and taste all those wines – then we can help.


How can Vintellect help?

We can provide the information that will enable you to select the most appropriate suppliers for your business.
We can supply you with a list of contacts e.g. suppliers of wines, spirits, refrigeration and wine preservation.
We offer the services of one of the UK’s most experienced Masters of Wine, Liz Robertson, who can examine your business potential and select the most appropriate suppliers and the best wines in order to maximise your sales and profitability.

Seven reasons to use Vintellect to compile your list

  1. A large percentage of your turnover is likely to come from wine so it is vital to get your wine selection and pricing right.
  2. Suppliers typically offer 3 categories of wines: those they import exclusively; those they import along with many other suppliers; and those they wholesale. It’s essential to know who has the senior agency because this can make a difference to the price you pay.
  3. Suppliers tend to recommend wines that give them the greatest profit margin. Since Vintellect is not tied to any wine producers we are not under any pressure to recommend particular products or brands. We are only interested in selecting the wines that will satisfy your customers and represent excellent value for money.
  4. Selecting suppliers, tasting wines and negotiating prices, is extremely time consuming – and more time consuming if you don’t know where to start. So you can take comfort from the fact that this task will be taken care of for you while you concentrate on other aspects of the business.
  5. You can decide to spend as much or as little time as you wish on this task yourself.
  6. Having the support of a Master of Wine such as Liz Robertson, will give you an advantage when dealing with suppliers. In today’s highly competitive wine market Liz can open the right doors. Having a Master of Wine associated with your wine list can lend it and your establishment greater credibility.
  7. Your sales could increase significantly just by changing the way you present your selection. A well presented list should draw customers away from the entry level wines and, with the help of fun descriptions, should encourage them to experiment with higher quality, more expensive wines. We can help you increase sales simply by changing the order in which your wines are listed!
  8. We have a proven track record – every one of our clients has witnessed significant increases in wine sales as a result of Vintellect improving their wine list.


Consultant profile

Liz Robertson, MW, is a highly respected member of the wine trade with many years as wine buyer for a major supermarket chain and more latterly as a consultant for several prestigious on-trade accounts.
Liz is constantly out in the market place keeping up to date with the latest research and developments. Her key skills include:

Selecting ‘Wow! Factor’ wines – these are exciting or unusual yet reasonably priced wines to delight your customers.
Being able to identify the wines that will taste just as fresh six months later.
Checking the closure types for each wine and knowing which ones are least likely to cause quality problems in the future.
Writing lively descriptions which entice your customers to try new wines.
Negotiating the most favourable prices and terms with suppliers on your behalf, thus maximising your profit.

What Liz’s clients say:
“Liz’s combination of wine knowledge and understanding of the market enables her to give us the best possible advice when it comes to wine selection. She has the ability to match wine quality and value with customers’ tastes and communicate that by bringing wines “alive” through her descriptions of what you are tasting. We respect her judgment entirely and together with her passion for wine and sense of humour it makes working with her great fun. Simply put, professional advice doesn’t come any better!”. – (Managing Director, St. Austell Brewery/Walter Hicks Fine Wine Merchants).

“As a new business in a very competitive market our concept was to provide an exclusive bar with quality products that couldn’t be found in other bars in the area. Liz provided us with a tailor-made wine list, which was well sourced, well balanced, had great depth but also hit the price points I wanted. It was reassuring to know that we had chosen a well respected company, who were able to negotiate the prices we needed and also gave us the kind of wine list that would attract customers. Vintellect’s staff training programme was excellent and I believe our sales have exceeded all expectations because of our short but exciting list. And our staff are now more confident about what they are selling”. – (Mokoko, St. Albans)

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